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Are you finding it hard to make informed business decisions because of a lack of accurate and timely financial data?

Are you struggling to control costs and identify areas for cost-savings?

Do you find it difficult to accurately forecast your business's future financial performance?

As your business grows, are you facing challenges in managing the financial aspects?

Is staying compliant with changing financial regulations an overwhelming task for your business?

Are outdated or inefficient financial processes causing errors and slowing down your business operations?

Do you encounter difficulties when integrating financial systems or optimizing technology for better financial operations?

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How We Support Your Business

Fund Management:

Maximize your potential with our strategic fund management practices, designed to effectively allocate resources and drive organizational growth.

Risk Mitigation:

Proactively safeguard your business with our comprehensive risk mitigation strategies, minimizing disruptions and ensuring business continuity.

Team Coaching:

Empower your team with our expert coaching services, fostering the skills necessary for increased productivity and synchronized teamwork.

Tech Implementation:

Seamlessly navigate the digital landscape with our tech implementation support, paving the way for innovative solutions and optimized workflows.

Cash Flow Management:

Ensure financial health with efficient cash flow management, fostering stability by balancing income with expenditures.

Financial Modelling:

Building and maintaining economic models to help plan, forecast, and diagnose business performance to aid decision-making.


Establishing fiscal or calendar year budgets and performing variance analysis to track performance to your stated objectives.


Utilizing feedback from budget variance analysis to recalibrate financial projections to provide more accurate economic forecasts.

GAAP Compliance:

Review of financials and assessment of GAAP compliance as well as restatements of financial statements to bring financials to an audit-ready state.

KPI Analysis:

Advice on determining relevant key performance indicators to track. And the development of processes and procedures to accurately and consistently calculate these metrics.


Providing financial expertise and perspective to help make critical business decisions.

Why AccountLogik?

Cost-Efficient Outsourcing:

Choosing AccountLogik's outsourced CFO services means you acquire the expertise of a seasoned CFO at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive. You’ll eliminate the need for a hefty salary, employment taxes, benefits, and other associated costs that come with a full-time position.

No Binding Contracts:

Experience the freedom of financial solutions without contracts or prepayments. We offer commitment-free services, assuring you only pay after service delivery.

10% Competitor Price Match Guarantee:

Receive quality services at competitive rates - if you find a lower price for a similar service, we match it by 10%.

30-Day Free Trial:

Test-drive our solutions with a 30-day free trial. Also, benefit from a complimentary financial analysis to glimpse the potential of partnering with us.

About Us:

Meet Our Founder

Kemdi Okparaocha

Founder and Managing Director of AccountLogik Virtual CFO of Your Business

Are you looking for deep financial clarity over every aspect of your business and how it will affect your bottom line? I can help you save, aim, and project.

A skilled financial advisor can save you on taxes, organize finances, and support growth.

Get a cost-effective 'CFO-as-a-service' to boost your success and focus on your core business.

AccountLogik offers financial clarity, tax savings, revenue targets, and resourceful strategies for increasing profits, providing exceptional insights to founders and companies.

Streamline finances and increase profit – contact me at 678-752-8821 or schedule a call for a 30 day free trial today.

Let's start Your Journey to Financial success together!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AccountLogik?

AccountLogik is a Certified Public Accounting firm that offers customized solutions designed to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries

What are the terms of payment?

At AccountLogik, we value your trust. We operate on a performance basis, meaning you only make a payment after deriving benefit from our services. We require no prepayments and there are no binding contracts.

Do you offer a price match?

Yes, we offer a 10% competitor price match to ensure you receive top-quality services at the best possible rates.

Are there any contract obligations?

No, AccountLogik does not bind you to any long-term contracts. We aim to provide flexible solutions that you can use as per your needs.

How can I start with AccountLogik?

Starting with AccountLogik is simple. Click on the 'Start Your 30-day Free Trial' button located on our landing page to begin with a free consultation with our team of experts.

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